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Eureka5.0 for the new funding period

The new funding period for structural funds has almost begun and brings new requirements by the EU Commission on the issue of reporting. Again, the requirements have, so that only a complete online IT application that integrates all funding processes can fully comply with them. With Eureka5.0 it is possible to realize every single step of the implementation, control and management of funding. Download our Eureka5.0 offer to find out more.

Our know-how, our experience and our daily drive lie in the continuous advancement of Eureka4.0, a standard software solution to simply and securely process funding programs. As a service provider, we offer our clients the integration, migration and adaptation of their work processes in Eureka4.0. We also develop individual solutions for specific requirements upon request.

SaaS IT solutions for the new EU funding period

The new EU funding period has already started.

In consideration of the new General Regulation (COM (2018) 375 final), the Commission recommends:

In order to speed up program implementation, the extension of implementing arrangements from the previous programming period should be simplified. Unless new technology is required, the computer systems set up for the previous programming period should be retained, with appropriate adjustments.

Eureka is fully completed for the funding period of 2021-2027 and can be used immediately without major adjustments. For ERDF and ESF, all functionalities regarding the audit trail, the simplified cost options, application, accounting and disbursement procedures, indicator collection and control procedures are implemented in every detail. The new payment requests and accounting logic, their attachments, irregularities and the annual overview of the checks carried out are available and are automatically generated by the program.

This eliminates the need for extensive investments in new IT applications and the new funding period can begin in proven practice without delay – according to the Commission recommendation.

The funding administration and management functions are currently also used to implement a large number of national funding programs in all specialist areas. The implementation of national funding programs can thus begin or be continued immediately.

Merely the IT-related establishment of new operational programs with their priority axes and funding programs still needs to be implemented. This task can be easily done in Eureka by configuration, so we would like to offer to perform these tasks within the framework of the usual maintenance / service level contracts, thus ensuring the operational readiness of the IT systems.

This means that no additional costs are incurred for IT development and the new funding period can, from an IT perspective, start without delay and without large investments in the development of new IT applications. Alternatively, this option would also be conceivable as an interim solution.

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