IT Monitoring Systems

Planning, concept and realization

Innovative & practical

Funding management is a complex process and tied to a large number of legal requirements. We plan, design and implement innovative solutions for consulting and service concepts as well as high-performance EDV management and IT support systems which help you face these challenges.

Highly efficient solutions

Our range of services is particularly characterized by the seamless combination of all standardized project support and management tasks – right through to the implementation of the software developed in-house for efficient funding management.

From real life, for real life

ECG is developer, programmer, tester and user in one. Thanks to the unique combination of our services, our software development is built right on our own practical expertise. We know what is technically expected of an IT program in day-to-day application and we have been able to perfect our standard software over the years.

Process-reliable foundations

Using our software we create a reliable and future-oriented working basis for our clients, customers and their users and guide them efficiently through the necessary application and billing processes.

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Our services

IT Monitoring Systems

Our IT support systems are based on our standard software Eureka5.0, which can be made available to all parties involved. All you need is a web browser – no installation required. The software itself is highly flexible and thus enables the existing modules to be adapted quickly and individually. In addition, Eureka5.0 provides a high level of revision and data security.

Professional management of funding programs

Implementing all funding criteria requires a professional funding management. All processes to be covered for funding and cooperation projects can be mapped using our software.

Extensive possibilities

Eureka5.0 comes with numerous modules for the entire process pre-installed – from preparing the application to final financial accounting, flexible evaluations and the accounting procedure with the EU Commission. Although our IT support systems are mainly used for the implementation and management of national and EU funding programs, their high degree of configurability gives them almost unlimited options for other specialist applications. In Austria, for example, a nationwide online ordering service is being implemented for structural funds from the EU, and a job center uses Eureka5.0 as a profiling tool. In addition, Eureka5.0 is being tested as a pilot project for use in youth and social welfare offices.

Module features

  1. Expression of interest
  2. Preparation, review and approval of applications and offers
  3. Billing with material indicators, receipts, reports, cross-sectional goals and audit process documentation
  4. Expenditure declaration and reimbursement application (proof of use)
  5. Interim and final payment requests
  6. Payment Requests / Applications / Expenditure explanation / examination and acceptance of accounts / payment applications
  7. Growth table
  8. Overview of annual administrative/on desk and on-site inspections and audits
  9. Payments
  10. Monitoring & Controlling
  11. Certification process after the implementation of project controls
  12. Deadline monitoring
  13. Task Planning / task overview
  14. Mail book, digital post book
  15. Document files
  16. Customizing Module
  17. Customization Admin Module for clients