The new standard for managing EU funds


IT systems and e-Cohesion

The e-Cohesion standard

With Eureka5.0 a new e-Cohesion standard for the management of grants was introduced. This standard enables structural funding to be processed largely electronically. Both topics are the focus of the European Structural Funds in the funding periods 2014-2020 and 2021-2027. The following aspects play a particularly important role here: digital signature, digital data storage, one-time entry of funding data, online submission of documents, digital audit trail, data protection and consistent data evaluation and project accounting.

Eureka5.0 meets all these e-cohesion requirements without any additional adjustments.

e-Cohesion Compliance

At the end of 2014, the EU Commission decided on the mandatory introduction of IT systems that meet the e-cohesion requirements. These systems should be introduced in stages.

We believe that e-cohesion compliance can only be made possible via a cross-system web application in which all data collection and processes are mapped centrally and online.

To implement such a solution, we analyzed all IT-relevant passages from the corresponding EU regulation and implemented the corresponding solutions in Eureka5.0. In this way, Eureka5.0 covers both the requirements of the EU regulations and those of the e-cohesion standard. In our analysis of the fulfillment of e-cohesion, we demonstrate this using a questionnaire that was created on behalf of the Commission.