ECG – European Consulting Group

Our History

Since 1984 GmbH (ECG for short) has emerged from TBI europe BV, which has been founded in the Netherlands in 1984, and has been active in Germany since 1991. In 2004 ECG broke away from the Dutch holding company and has since been active as an independent service company in Germany and other European countries.

ECG as a software developer

Development of the first offline Eureka application. Project data are entered by the beneficiaries electronically by installing the local program version and sending in the data disk.

Improvements are made to the offline application. Integration of several data collection groups for participants (TRS) and companies (URS). Development of extensive evaluation options for all user groups, creation of expenditure declarations directly from the system.

Development of the second generation of Eureka – the first web-based application. Specific applications for the State of Berlin, for the BMWA (Equal) and for Austria.

Development of the third generation of Eureka applications for the ESF and the ERDF as well as for special applications in Berlin, Rheinland-Pfalz and Austria.

Development of the fourth generation of Eureka. Eureka2020 as a standard program for the federal government and for the state of Berlin. An expansion of the user groups in other European member states is planned.

Like all previous programs, Eureka4.0 is based on a web application and a standardized database. Over the years, we have expanded our configuration options and implemented individual specialist modules with the help of various standard workflows.

The standard workflows meet all requirements that are placed on a workflow-controlled application and have been improved in-house over the past few years in close cooperation with our clients.

Expanding the configuration options enable web applications for national and EU funding programs to be implemented in the shortest possible time, based on standard workflows. Our customers can make adjustments on their own, without the need to commission expensive external programming jobs.

Since 1991, ECG has been providing technical assistance to the European Social Fund on behalf of the Berlin Senate Administration. In addition, ECG performed a large number of fiduciary tasks for various Berlin Senate administrations and other state and federal ministries. In Austria, ECG carries out similar tasks on behalf of several federal states and federal ministries.

In 2011, ECG developed an audit manual on behalf of the Berlin administrative authority and the Austrian audit authority, in which the implementation and use of the ESF’s administrative and control systems in Austria are defined.

ECG as a consultancy

ECG as a service provider

In cooperation with EFG (European Funding Management GmbH), ECG provides services in the implementation and financial processing of public funding programs of the EU – content-related funding management as an entrusted company and trustee.

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