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Eureka4.0 is a web-based standard solution which enables users to handle the entire funding process from A to Z online, including all stakeholders. Our solution is so flexible that specialist administrators can independently configure their own adaptations or setup new applications without involving our programmers. With Eureka4.0 we have created a software solution that helps you to reduce the costs for adjustments, improvements and new developments while retaining the greatest possible influence on the development of your programs.
Eureka 4.0 Software As A Service

Multi-tenant & multilingual

as a service

Thanks to the SaaS approach of Eureka4.0, the client is spared the creation of usually very complex service descriptions and IT concepts. They’re also spared the need for time-consuming development projects. Eureka4.0 is ready, out of the box, for immediate use. All preparations required to put it to use have already been made. 

Our clients, their implementing bodies and the beneficiaries who use Eureka4.0 all confirm: The system facilitates daily work and system security, and the EU Commission evaluates the system and project controls positively. 

Eureka4.0 features:

Centralized and useable from anywhere

The technical architecture

Eureka4.0 is a centrally operated software solution that can be used across all operating systems and devices simply through a web browser. No local components have to be installed at the workplace and Eureka can be accessed from anywhere, regardless of the user’s location. All current browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) are supported without additional extensions.

Maintenance and care is carried our exclusively on the server required for operation and the connected database – centrally on the intranet or internet. All communication is encrypted via SSL / HTTPS and protected against any unauthorized third party access.

Eureka’s technical architecture is based on Java (programming language and runtime) and JBoss EAP (Enterprise Application Platform as the application server). Data is stored in an Oracle database system.

Because all operations are carried out centrally and all data is stored in a centralized repository, there is no need whatsoever to compare information in the form of classic documents. All users always have access to the most current data and process the information relevant to them according to their roles and rights. All changes are saved centrally and are immediately available to all other users.

Adjustments and software updates are also carried out centrally – local adjustments or updates are not required.

Eureka 4.0 Technical Architecture
The Eureka 4.0 data model
The Eureka 4.0 data model

Modular and flexible

The Eureka data model

The easy, far-reaching customizability of Eureka4.0 is based on the modular architecture of its data management and the flexible, comprehensive configuration of all processes, workflows and user interfaces. A multitude of options allow a very quick and immediate reaction to changing requirements. In addition, almost all components and functions can be supplemented with new features that can be integrated into the existing system in the form of plug-ins. New user interface elements can easily be integrated and thus continuously improve the range of functions and the possibilities for implementing technical requirements. Processes, business objects and their data can also be configured and modeled without any programming or making technical adjustments to the database.
Eureka’s high degree of flexibility for process modeling relies on a few essential modules:

Data repository with a flexible foundation

Eureka Business Objects

Eureka’s business objects are divided into different categories and form the basis of Eureka’s entire data management. Mainly, business objects are distinguished between project, application, report, receipt, participant and company. Level reports, expert opinions or files are also available.

Each of these business objects can assume any state – in the form of a status – and can be populated with almost any sort of data using descriptors. The project is usually the common basis of the structures.

The Eureka Business Objects

Questions & answers about Eureka4.0

If you choose the standard version of Eureka, only license and maintenance costs are incurred. You save the complex, long-term and thus costly and time-consuming IT development processes that are necessary when technical requirements have to be implemented.

The standard package includes 2 workflows with which you can implement your structural fund support without major adjustments right through to accounting by means of invoicing. All required functionalities are already implemented in the standard application, so if no further adjustment applies, all program users have (after a short training session) an operational software program that has been designated in all previous funding periods and tested with category 1.

With our applications you can realize every single step of the funding implementation, control and management. From pre-application or participation competition, indicators recording and elaborate participant information up to complex project invoices and the final settlement with the EU Commission (interim payment application, final payment application, accounting, list of population and annual overview of the tests carried out) or even up-to-date real-time overviews for every single detail of the funding can be controlled.

So far, several structural fund administrators in different member states with almost 75,000 users (from sponsors, intermediaries, authorities and service providers) have processed over 14 billion euros in funding with Eureka.

Eureka4.0 can be adapted to your wishes. With the help of the configuration module, adjustments can be implemented quickly and without programming effort.

If necessary, we can of course make further adjustments required by you. However, you or your IT service provider can also configure the application. You can either carry out adjustments “in-house” without having to place expensive programming jobs or maintain the existing relationship with your IT service provider by realizing any requirements in a configurable manner. You – or an organization named by you – will receive access to the configuration module with which you can make all necessary adjustments and further developments yourself.

Yes, there is an open source version of Eureka4.0. This is particularly suitable for authorities and organizations that want to edit and expand the source code independently. The open source variant contains the same functionalities as the standard program. GmbH