The web-based standard software for funds management


Completely customizable

Eureka4.0 is a web-based standard solution that helps users, including all stakeholders, to conveniently process the entire funding and other specialist applications online.
With the 5th generation of our software we were able to take an innovative new path: Eureka goes SaaS. Eureka has been greatly improved and equipped with complex, scalable and configurable customization options. This means that Eureka4.0 can be customized and expanded simply by configuration – without any individual programming. The solution can be used immediately by potential clients – there are no limits to the setup of individual solutions.

e-Cohesion Standard

Eureka4.0 meets the requirements of the EU regulations for the introduction of IT systems and at least 99% of the requirements of the e-Cohesion standard, which has been defined by the EU Commission. In our study “Analysis of the fulfillment of e-Cohesion” (PDF) we demonstrate this using a questionnaire that was drawn up on behalf of the Commission. GmbH