Europe-wide campaign HealthyLifestyle4All started

During the European Week of Sport, the European Commission launched its new campaign to promote healthy lifestyles. HealthyLifestyle4All aims to raise awareness among citizens of all generations and social groups in the EU over the next two years, according to the ambitious goal.

The measures are to be aligned with the three goals of the HealthyLifestyle4All campaign:

  • raise awareness of healthy lifestyles in all age groups,
  • Facilitate access to sport, physical activity and healthy eating, with an emphasis on inclusion and non-discrimination, in order to reach and involve disadvantaged groups as well.
  • promote an overall concept that connects nutrition, health, wellbeing and sport across all policy areas and sectors.

The Commission calls for participation in the campaign and calls on the various actors – such as civil society, non-governmental organizations, national, local and regional authorities – to take their own action.

In her announcement she informs about various measures that she will take on her own initiative. This includes, among other things, making the promotion of a healthy lifestyle even more a priority than before in EU programs such as Erasmus +, Horizon Europe and EU4Health. She is also planning a new European award, the so-called “#BeActive Across Generations Award”, which will focus on the importance of sport for all age groups. The development of a mobile EU app for cancer prevention is also a project to create more awareness about the connection between a healthy lifestyle and cancer prevention. She would also like to advance the topic of healthy eating. To this end, the database for food ingredients with nutritional information is to be expanded, and she is also striving for harmonized, mandatory nutrition labeling.

More information is available on the HealthyLifestyle4All campaign website.

European Consulting Group