ECG receives order to develop a web application for the program “Strong despite Corona”. GmbH has received the order to develop a web application for the “Strong despite Corona” program from the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family in the State of Berlin (

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research launched the action program “Catching up after Corona for children and young people” on May 5, 2021, which is being implemented in the federal states. This means that the State of Berlin has almost 64 million euros at its disposal to implement the state’s own program “Strong despite Corona”, which aims to make up for learning backlogs in core subjects and core competencies and to particularly promote psychosocial personality development.

The catch-up program “Strong despite Corona” is intended to help Berlin children and young people to cope better with the consequences of the corona pandemic ( The program comprises a total of four pillars. A large part of the funds (44 million) is to be used to support schoolchildren in catching up on learning delays.

Development program "Strong Despite Corona" of the State of Berlin

ECG is developing a web application based on Eureka5.0 for the administrative implementation of the program. Almost all general and vocational schools in Berlin (more than 1,000) have access to the web application and can use Eureka5.0 to carry out their orders for the implementation of the corona measures and their billing in an unbureaucratic manner. The tender for the recruitment of skilled workers for the action program “Strong despite Corona” was published on September 1st, 2021 (

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